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As the digital development team leader at BU, I worked on many design and build aspects of the main website. Every new design or functionality introduced to the site was carefully considered through research and ux design processes with regards to scalibility across the site and accessibility for it's users.

Course pages

Consumer research quickly identified issues with the volume of information visible at once on our course pages. There also seemed to be some confusion with the page's navigational flow.

A tidier design aesthetic was required of the page to seperate the content sections more clearly and simplify the user experience.


New functionalities

There are more than 600 courses on offer at the university, so it was important to capture a full range of features to support one flexible template content owners could easily fill with content. The new template features tabs, dropdown sections, carousels, galleries.
Courses overview


Search results

There is so much on offer at the university and a variety of target audiences. To establish exactly what people are really looking for through the website I studied analytics over the previous year.

It showed that there were almost half a million unique searches, with a third coming from the home page. It also emerged that all of the most popular pages to search for were related to courses - making the primary focus on courses. It also surfaced that it needed to be easy for visitors to find accommodation and open days

BU Search Results Page

Research templates

Our original research website needed to be migrated into the main website. Using the exisiting website style and brand guidelines I designed and built new templates and functionality options for the new research section.

Great attention to detail and planning was required to ensure everything was included and showcased in the most clear and professional way.

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