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Paintworks – in the heart of Bristol – is a district where the public come to work, live and play. It is the hub of the creative quarter and offers creative spaces for the community to use. During my time at Kolab in 2017, we were tasked with connecting the local people by creating a community of like-minded creatives.


To build a modern website that helps engage the people of Bristol and to showcase the Paintworks as the go-to destination of creativity. Mostly dependant on organic activity, with moderate paid twitter activity focused on a supporting ad campaign.


Sliding pages

My focus was on the functionality of the website reflecting the creativity of the design. Full-screen transitions were added to give a sense of “moving into a new space”.


Interactive floorplans

To bring the internal rooms to life, I coded scrolling animated floor-plans to encourage users to imagine how they would use the space if they lived there (eg. home studio, home office or simply for family living).


We were able to build a unique and visual user experience that enabled people to realise that Paintworks is complementary to open expression and creativity. When people land on the site they can get a real feel what it is like to live, work and play at Paintworks.

By showcasing the beautiful aesthetic side to the Paintworks brand, Kolab was able to help inspire the target audience to explore its own creativity at Paintworks.


increase in web clicks


web page views


Genuine sale leads


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