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A few examples

Fifa Adboards

BU and AFC Bournemouth needed to supply EA games with animated adboards for the new FIFA - I created a variety of animations for the stakeholders to choose from. The advertisement appears in-game at Bournemouth's Vitality stadium.


Scholarships calculator

During the university sign-up process, students were having to read through all the scholarships on offer to identify if they were elegible or not. I worked with the scholarships team to design and develop a simple and convenient tool to quickly filter through the scholarships that are relevant to the user.

VLE Lookup Tool

Students had two Virtual Learning Environments to login to, but it depended on the student's course. I created a quick and easy lookup tool to help guide them to the right place. It quickly gained 60,000+ visits during the first month of term and assisted thousands of students in finding their timetables and more.

Interactive storytelling

A senior lecturer at BU went to Madagascar and returned with lots of rich and beautiful content in the form of audio, videos and images.

My aim was to create an interactive journey that complimented the Madagascar experience using the resources we had. The map animates and zooms when the user scrolls through the article. To amplify the journey we embedded SoundCloud clips, galleries and videos of the nature wildlife.

Blog refresh

The undergraduate and postgraduate blogs needed a quick visual make-over and a few responsive tweaks for mobile.




Festival of Learning makeover

The Festival of Learning microsite also required a refresh and some attention to accessibility and responsive specifically.


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